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Liverpool Echo Arena

The most nerve enduring gig of my life happened this night at the Echo Arena but I must start at the beginning of my story, just to explain how chance and lady fortune brought me to be performing magic at such a venue.

On Friday the 30th October I was visiting the fantastic jam exhibition at the Cunard in Liverpool and long story short I began to perform some magic and caught the eye of several passers bye, one of which was Nicky Weller ( sister of my all time hero Paul Weller ) after chatting with this lovely lady, she invited me to perform some close up magic at an after show party in the Echo Arena following a Tribute to The Jam concert, which was awesome !!!!

To say this was a dream come true would be an understatement, There I was back stage with all concerned at said amazing concert, showing off some close up magic to friends of and people whom work closely with ( including the sister of ) my hero Paul Weller.

Thank you Nicky for inviting me to this event, a night I will never forget x

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