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My Journey so far........

Well its been a while so thought it was time to update my website, a lot has happened over the last few years and during the lockdown period I was honoured to be asked to become part of a team of magicians represented by The Factory of Magic,

A talent agency for magicians run by a great performer is his own right, Dean Williamson - Mind reader.

Another tick off my list was to join The Magic Circle, which I had put off for a long time.

So excited when I had my performance based exam date sent through and got straight to work on my exam material, extremely proud to say that I was awarded the degree of Associate of the Inner Magic Circle with silver star which is the highest degree obtainable for a performance exam.

So with my new degree in The Magical arts and the support of Dean at The Factory of Magic the next big opportunity presented itself.

The Factory had an enquiry for a magician to provide entertainment on "Iona" the biggest, newest cruise ship on the P&O fleet and Dean put me forward and so the next chapter began and I was off to the Norwegian Fjords for a week of magic at sea.

At the end of the first cruise I was asked to stay on board for another cruise and before you new it I had 4 Norwegian cruises under by belt and had left my daytime job behind to become a full time professional Magician.

Since then I have performed on other cruise ships and visited Portugal, Spain and Amsterdam, even managed to squeeze in a celebrity wedding for the wonderful Danny Miller (Emmerdale / Im a Celebrity)

Working with other professional acts on the cruise ships has been a real blessing, constantly learning and making some really good friends.

All this happening and being blessed with a supportive family and loving wife truly makes my life feel magical, long may it continue.


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