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Willy Wonka Magic at RAF Valley

First of all, what an honour, to be invited to perform magic at The RAF Valley Officers Mess Summer Ball !

Secondly, a request to dress as the man himself !

And thirdly, they provided me with my own "umpalumpas" You couldn't make this stuff up !

To say that these guys went all out on the theme would be an understatement !!

I spent a big chunk of my time posing for photos, as you can imagine but when I had the chance to escape the camera I had the pleasure of performing some close up magic at the tables, which even if I say so myself, was very well received, in fact I had an enquiry for a cheshire set wedding and a fantastic write up from the gentleman that booked me, Mr Will Randle, which he posted to my Facebook page and for your kind words Will I thank you deeply.

Looking forward to the chance of returning next summer, can't wait to hear what next years theme will be !!!!!

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